Catapult discussion
-catapult making after school

Sixie saturnalia
-brief talk about specific posts (ex: mosaic, bake sale...)

Club Fair (next Wednesday)
-a few representatives needed each period
-1st to 4rth period
-Who is going to go at each period

Secret santa
-Under $10

Board outing (November)
-ideas: bowling, escape the room, skating
-introduced new ideas

1:50 pm- 2:20pm

Upcoming events
Classics day
Sixie saturnalia

Officer update
Secretary (send meeting notes to webmaster)
Gorgia (second VP)
Historian (scrapbook)
Webmaster (new website)

Spirit day (wed 9/22/17)
Club posters due 9/16/17

-Fundraiser packet
-Ms. Fillion needs help Monday 6 or 7 period
-Put up filers for BLACC
**New York MET trip canceled because there is no bus to go there.
-Community service for Martin Luther king day. -->Neighborhood clean up?
-letters for soldiers (Monday/Tuesday/Drop-off)

Interviews for the website


Give anything (e.g: name tag) from classics day
to historians to add to scrap book

Community service
-Teach kids about mythology with skits (wed ~2:45)

Promo video
Carpool karaoke

Day of Service
(Saturday Jan 15th of Martin Luther king weekend) instead of New York
10-1pm cleaning at park/ benefit community

Sixie saturnalia (wed)
-no more than 2 people per table
-mosaic, bake sale, worm, gladiator vs monster, costume, membership tablebr
-sign up on spreadsheet


-Make the people bigger to be the center
-One train cart (beginning and end)

Mini- Convention
-Art project, dramatic interpretation, costume, sight reading

Community serving
-Indoors (similar to fair foods)
-Must: wear long sleeves, long pants, tie up long hair

-Go to Nationals by bus (maybe)
-local election for blacc at States.
-Grov Hall Library (2pm-2:30) Wednesday skit and methology
Executive board sweater
-Posistion and grad year
-picked first design


BLACC Shirts
Ms. Fillion asked who had shirts and for those who did
not, to bring her $8 to buy a new one.

Chariot race
Ms. Fillion asked for volunteers for both charioteer and
runners. Amina, Malika, and Lia volunteered for runners.
Eliane volunteered for charioteer.

Ms. Fillion reviewed the worm and asked for volunteers--
2 boys and 3 girls or 3 boys and 2 girls. Lia, Amina,
Teddy, and Anthony volunteered.

Ryan sent a message telling us to bring sunglasses for spirit.
Make sure to bring a toga and safety pins. Bring money for
the toga pledge. We reviewed cheers and brainstormed ideas
for a new cheer. Amina showed us one of her ideas for a cheer.